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We offer a wide range of services as well as innovative solutions in the Oil and Gas industry.Having been in the industry for over 10 years we are equipped with innovative ideas and skills o how to optimize your operations ensuring profitability in your organization.We partner with our clients from start to finish focusing on their needs while prducing new ideas and developing effective strategies. Get our services like

Mobile Service Station

In a quest to meet our customer needs such as convenience, increased market share and agility .Our company has partnered with a company in Turkey to supply this innovative product known as the mobile service station.This is a unit in the form of a container that serves the role of a contemporary gas station an affordable cost compared to the latter. The unit can either be solar powered or generator powered meaning it can be postioned in any geographic loaction. It comes in both 20 foot or 40 foot containers and can be customised to the clients specifications.

Oil and Gas Consultants

We hold your hand as you venture into the world of Gas station dealership by offering the much needed training and consultation during your green days.With our hands on experience , our staff have the capabality and expertise to take your business to the next level.

Heat Tracing solutions

The purpose of heat tracing is mainly to maintain the product at a temprature that prevents processing problems.The technology is used to heat up equipment in various sectors to ease the production process.

Liquiefied Petroluem Gas solutions (L.P.G)

Among the Sustainable development goals set by the United Nations General assembly are Affordable energy, Clean energy and Climate action.Our company has embraced this SDG'S by encouraging and recommending use of L.P.G . We have specialised in sale of L.P.G and L.P.G Equipment such as bulk tanks, L.P.G skids and Gas ranges just to mention a few.L.P.G bulk tanks are used by institutions that require bulk purchases for cooking or heating .We also senstize communties on the proper use of cooking gas and provide support to individuals or business entities who may be intrested in L.P.G as a business.

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